FleetVIP automatically converts mileage intervals to calendar due dates!

And FleetVIP does this without requiring daily odometer readings or reliance on complicated electronic vehicle tracking devices!

Effective fleet management software must enable fleet managers to know the optimal calendar due dates when all scheduled fleet maintenance tasks should be performed.

Consider these maintenance intervals:

Example of Brand X software not converting hours to usable due dates!

No due dates with Brand X software

The above image is an example from a top 5 brand of fleet maintenance software from Google search!

There are NO due dates calculated for the 250 Hours maintenance interval!

You can see that without having calendar due dates, your maintenance scheduling and tracking will require lots of manual odometer and meter checks every day for your vehicle and equipment units.

Here’s how FleetVIP presents the same scenario using the Air Filter example:

Hours interval with due date

Maintenance is due at 1,483 hours and the calculated due date is 5/28/2019! 

Imagine every scheduled task having a true due date; then your job becomes easier and much more efficient.

Key Benefits of FleetVIP’s Predictive Due Dates:

  • Reduces or eliminates daily and weekly odometer checks!
  • Reduces or eliminates dependence on expensive electronic tracking interfaces! 
  • Provides accurate maintenance due dates without the hassle!
  • Reduces cost and risk by doing maintenance at the proper time.

Traditionally, preventative maintenance (PM) was triggered by a calendar interval or mileage (and often a combination of both).  Using only calendar intervals is usually not cost efficient because it is not based on actual vehicle or equipment use.

It is theoretically more cost efficient to use odometer mileage intervals (or hours or kilometers) because that reflects actual vehicle use.  But the problem then arises that odometers have to be read frequently, even daily so as not to miss the day when maintenance is scheduled.

Because FleetVIP only needs odometer readings that are entered whenever a maintenance task is performed, the effort and expense of frequent odometer readings is reduced or eliminated! 

And our technology adapts to actual vehicle usage because whenever you perform a maintenance task, FleetVIP uses that latest odometer reading and date to re-calculate and adjust future calendar due dates for all scheduled tasks for that vehicle or machine!

All fleet management software will tell you due dates for simple calendar interval tasks such as change the oil every 4 months regardless of miles.

But most will not tell you the calendar due date if the maintenance interval is defined as change the oil every 4,000 miles.  Or every 4,000 kilometers.  Or every 400 hours.

That means you have no due dates for those tasks!

And if the task is defined as every 4 months or 4,000 miles whichever comes first, they also cannot tell you which event will come first.

As amazing as it may seem, most other fleet management software cannot tell you due dates for maintenance intervals defined in miles, kilometers or hours.  We will prove this statement with screenshots of several expensive fleet management software packages later in this article.

As a result, without knowing these due dates, either costs increase because tasks are done sooner than necessary ‘just to be safe’ or equipment breakdown risk increases because tasks are done later than optimal due to not knowing actual calendar dates.  Either scenario wastes your money!

The good news is that FleetVIP can tell you calendar due dates for maintenance intervals intervals defined in miles, hours or kilometers.

FleetVIP goes much farther than just converting tasks defined in miles, kilometers or hours to due dates.

For double-limit tasks (example: every X miles or Y months, whichever comes first),  after calculating the mileage interval due date, it compares that due date with the fixed calendar due date and then presents you with earliest date of the two for each task you are tracking!

This date-driven approach is light years ahead of the obsolete methods you get from other software.

But now for the bad news.  Other fleet management software that you could end up purchasing cannot tell you due dates for most scenarios and leaves you to deal with the continual consequences of not knowing most due dates.

Here are some example screen shots of other websites that sell fleet management software that are ranked within the top ten or so of search results by Google search.  We won’t mention the companies involved because our point is these examples illustrate what is typical of most fleet management software.

Product A: Here is what we are talking about - no due dates!

vehicle maintenance schedule

Notice there are no due dates on this reminder screen.  Maintenance due is represented by hours or miles when maintenance should be performed.  FleetVIP would give you actual calendar dates when those hours or miles occur!

Product B: No due dates here, either.

fleet maintenance schedule

No due dates here, either.   FleetVIP would give you actual due dates for all of these items.

Product C: Still no due dates!

vehicle maintenance schedule

Notice the first 4 items have no due dates! The limits are measured only in kilometers. No due dates are calculated! The fifth item is a simple calendar interval and has a due date.  FleetVIP would give you due dates for all these items.

Unfortunately, many purchasers of fleet maintenance software assume that fleet maintenance software will give them all due dates when in fact that is hardly ever the case.

The fact is that many purchasers of fleet management software spend considerable time and money on fleet management software products that do not provide effective solutions when it comes to actually tracking when fleet maintenance is due based on calendar dates.

The problem is that reliance on non-calendar measures such as mileage, kilometers or hours requires frequent odometer checks or even installation of expensive GPS equipment to stay current with those non-temporal units of measure.

FleetVIP gives you the option to avoid or significantly reduce the time wasted with daily odometer checks just to track non-calendar maintenance tasks.  FleetVIP also improves the accuracy of scheduled maintenance intervals.

Other industries rely on calendar dates to manage construction projects, infrastructure projects, even moon shots!  Unfortunately, almost all fleet management software does not provide calendar due dates for mileage-based maintenance tasks or for hours-based tasks or kilometer-based tasks. This is a major deficiency of the fleet management software genre and imposes a severe fleet maintenance cost burden on organizations that overly rely on such deficient fleet management software.

Now FleetVIP enables fleet maintenance pros to use accurate calendar due dates to schedule and track fleet maintenance.