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We believe it is important for you to try our software without obligation. We also believe you should not have to spend money first to try anyone’s software and then have to try and get it back later if your trial does not meet your needs. So we do not require any money up front. And we do not lock you in to a 30-day trial period.

Instead, we make available to you a free download version of our software you may use without cost or time limit so you can verify that it meets your needs. However, once you have purchased a license for a registered copy of our software, we cannot offer a refund.

Upgrade Discounts

so we can verify the status of your current license.  Upgrade discounts are only available if requested prior to upgrading.

You may upgrade from the Plus version to the Pro version and receive a 20% discount once we verify the version you are upgrading from.

You may upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Plus or the Pro version and receive a 10% discount once we verify your standard edition license.

You may upgrade once per license.  If you upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Plus version and then to the Pro version, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the Plus version and on the Pro version upgrades.

Upgrade discounts are only available for web orders. Your discount will be paid as a partial refund (usually within 1 business day) via the same payment processor after you order the upgrade version of your choice.

You must use the same email address when purchasing an upgrade license that was used for your current version.

If you pay by check, there is no upgrade discount.

Please include either the email address used for your current version of FleetVIP or your current Activation Code.  We will then let you know via email whether you qualify for an upgrade.  If you qualify, you may upgrade anytime in the next 7 days from our email to you.

Sales Tax or Other Taxes

We do not collect sales tax or other taxes. Typically, sales tax does not apply to non-tangible ‘digital goods’. If you believe sales tax or any other tax is due at your location, it is your responsibility to verify that and pay it on your own.

Lost Activation Code

Once you have received your activation code and activated your FleetVIP database, you do not need your activation code if your hard drive crashes.

Our Tech Support page explains how to restore your database from your backup and how to transfer to a new computer.

That way you do not lose any of your maintenance history. Our Support web page even includes a video on how to restore your database.

However, we are also glad to re-send your activation code to the same email address you used when you registered if you notify us within 60 days of purchasing a license.  After 60 days, please purchase a Tech Support ticket and we may be able to locate and resend your activation code as a last resort.

Software CD

We do not offer our software on a CD. You can make your own installation CD by copying the installation file you downloaded from our website to a CD.

W-9 Forms

We do not provide W-9 Forms because 1099-Misc forms are not required by the IRS for credit card or payment card transactions.

Instead, Form 1099-K is required to be filed by the payment settlement entity under IRS section 6050W and are not subject to reporting on Form 1099-MISC.

Our payment processors including PayPal and Stripe handle the required Form 1099-K filings with the IRS for all credit card and payment card payments we receive.

This means you do not have to file a 1099-MISC for any credit card payments you make to Alembx Solutions LLC. Therefore, you do not need a W-9 Form from us since you pay us by credit card.

So be happy. This is easier for you!

For those who pay by check, we do not provide a W-9 as per IRS regulations because we are not an independent contractor working for you.  Instead, you purchased merchandise from us in the form of a right-to-use software license.  As per IRS rules, merchandise purchases are exempted from 1099 reporting.  This would be similar to you purchasing a Microsoft Office software license.  You would not need to give Microsoft a 1099 for that purchase.  In addition, you did not spend over $600 with us which is the threshold for 1099 reporting.  Any of these reasons exempts you from issuing a 1099 and exempts us from providing you with a W-9.

Here is the IRS page regarding reasons to issue or NOT issue a 1099-MISC and therefore to request a W-9:

1099 Misc Instructions from the IRS

Receipt and Transaction Invoice

An invoice is a document provided to itemize charges for products and/or services received by a customer but not yet paid for. Since we do not provide activation codes or other services until after payment is received, the appropriate document is a receipt, not an invoice.

Our payment processor emails you a receipt for all transactions placed through them. If you pay by check, your cancelled check is also your receipt. Please retain your emailed receipt or canceled check for tax purposes or future reference.

If PayPal processed the payment, you can login to your PayPal account to view or print your receipt in addition to the emailed receipt. You can also open a PayPal account using the same email address and your previous PayPal receipts will show up.

If paid via credit card payment, contact us with the date and email used and we will resend a receipt.

You can also login into your credit card account and look up the transaction there as well.

Other than the receipt provided by the payment processor, we do not provide any special forms, tax reports or other documentation regarding the transaction. If you believe your company, organization or governmental entity requires any transaction documentation other than the receipt from the payment processor, you must generate that documentation yourself at your expense.

Payment by Check

We do not accept payments via checks.  However, we do accept a wide range of major credit and debit cards.

Duplicate Transactions

It is extremely difficult to enter legitimate duplicate transactions since each transaction must go through the entire checkout process individually requiring the attention of a human being entering the data.  It is not a matter of hitting an enter key twice by accident, for example.

Any claim of unintentional duplicate purchases must be brought to our attention within 24 hours of said transactions.  Said transactions must also be placed within 5 minutes of each one to be considered ‘unintentional’.  Claims that meet these conditions may have a maximum of one transaction refunded minus a handling fee of 30% of the billed amount.

Chargeback Resolution and Prevention

As a condition of using this website to purchase a software license, you agree not to contest any credit or debit card charge based on a claim of not receiving your software activation code until after you notify us via our website Contact Us page with an alternative email address and a postal mailing address where we can both mail and email your software activation code.  We will respond to your notification by emailing back to you a Case Number for your reference.  We will also email your activation code to the alternate email address you provide.  It is your responsibility to provide us with a working email address that will accept our email to you containing your Case Number and software activation code.  Once you have provided us with your postal mailing address, you agree to wait 21 days before contesting any credit or debit card charge in order to allow us to mail your activation code to you via postal carrier if your postal address is in the US or Canada.  Otherwise, you agree to wait 45 days if your postal address is in another country.  If you still have not received your activation code after 21 days or 45 days respectively, you agree to reference the Case Number mentioned above if you contest a credit or debit card charge.

Policy Changes

Please note that we may change our policies from time to time. Users can view our latest policies at any time by visiting this page.