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Brock Transportation
Steve Brock - Owner

I have your FleetVIP maintenance program for my trucking business, and really think its great.

Montefiore Medical Center – Bronx, NY
SWI | Regional Sales and Operations Manager
C. Moore

This seems to be a great fleet management software.

Sumter County Fire Dept, Georgia
Lieutenant Jon Ammons

It has performed admirably and the monthly report feature is great for the county commissioner's meetings. It allows the public to know how their money is well spent.

State of Arkansas Bus Inspector
John S.

I am a state bus inspector for the State of Arkansas. I will be conducting a class on preventive maintenance in June. I would like the men in my class to use this program.

Supply Chain Management Buyer
D. Smith

This program is AWESOME!!!! Thank You.

Forum comment
Satisfied customer in Tulsa

I have been using FleetVIP for a few months to keep track of maintenance. It has been incredibly easy to use and I have never been more organized with the maintenance on a vehicle. It has been great to use for diagnosis when a problem comes up. I can go back and see comments and things I have done to it in the past that help me understand a trend or ongoing problem that may not be readily apparent on the surface. Thank you!

Univ of Arizona South | Business Office
D. Rubio - Accountant

My main use for this software is to keep track of the service performed on each vehicle so that I can report this information to our Fleet Management department.
This all works perfect for my needs.

.... because it makes my job easier!

Keep up the great work!

City of Hanahan, South Carolina

Today I purchased the unlimited vehicle option of your program. It fits our needs rather well and appears to be simple to use.

Don B.

Just to let you know, I am very satisfied with my FleetVIP program and keep track of all my vehicle maintenance records with it.

Scott K.

I am an attorney in Tustin, California. I have a client who is interested in Licensing your program, with certain modifications, to an industry not related to automobiles.

John A.

Thanks you so very much for the quick reply and good advice. It speaks well for your product and company. Yes, it solves my problem completely.

Kenneth B.

By the way, I love your product. It has really helped with maintaining my vehicles. I recommend your product to all my gearhead friends.

ABR Environmental Research and Services

...the easy checkout kept our administrative low. A few clicks and the registration info showed up in my inbox. That's the perspective from a software manager. The users of this software like it. Inexpensive. Simple. And very effective.

Chad N.

I work for a small transportation company in Minnesota. We have purchased your software and enjoy using.

Nathan M.

We have the standard edition of your program and love it. We have been expanding and need room for more vehicles. Is it possible to upgrade and how would we go about this? (Editor's note - Yes it is possible.)

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, FL
R. Dampman, Assist Park Manager

Thanks. I’m looking forward to expanding on our maintenance program with your software (the free download sold me on it!)

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Jagade W. - Chief GSE Spirit of Innovation

I purchased vip plus and need to upgrade to vip pro. The ultimate goal is standardization across the entire operation.

James M.

Thank you and again it's refreshing to get a timely response in this global market place where often by the time you get the response you forget what the question was! I look forward to using your program to maintain our daily drivers !

Suwannee County Fire Rescue
Emergency responders

We are using your program for our Fire and EMS units. Thanks.

Recon Construction Services Inc. – York, PA
J. Cacopardo

Your product is fantastic and I have been using it for the past few years.

Laurie James

Buying experience and product are great.

Sumter County Fire Dept, Georgia

With your program, I was able to manage a 43 unit emergency vehicle fleet and eliminate over $100,000 dollars in unnecessary third party maintenance.

Wally Walsh in Australia

I'm on a farm in Australia and I use your product to control maintenance on all our vehicles and equipment. Generally speaking its great and covers just about everything we need...Thanks for the product, it seems to me pretty much unique in my price range.

HookedonVettes.com – Corvette collection

I am a Property Manager/Estate Manager that maintains 18 vehicles in 3 states. Your software will help me maintain these vehicles much easier.

Fleet Manager – Six Forks EMS
D. Nayman

I am the fleet manager for Six Forks EMS. I have been using your product now for about two years and have been very impressed and have recommended your product to several other agencies. I use your product on a daily basis to keep track of maintenance on our EMS units and supervisor vehicles. I also use your product to assist with the budget process because it is easy to pull up maintenance history and determine the annual millage. Your product is great. Keep up the good work.

Weatherford Public Schools in Oklahoma

My name is Matt Wyatt. I am the Transportation Co-director of Weatherford Public Schools in Weatherford Oklahoma. We have downloaded the free trial version of the AutoVIP software and are really enjoying it as it makes keeping track of our maintenance intervals a breeze. We would however like to purchase the full version with unlimited vehicle capabilities.

Brian Hunt

Just to let you know, you were so good working with me, even though I have been a free user for years I just bought a validation code.
Thanks again,

Rostraver / West Newton Emergency Services
Jeffrey P. - Supervisor, EMT-P Rostraver / West Newton Emergency Services

First off love your software. Simple, straightforward and generally easy to use. We are an EMS service tracking a fleet of 15 vehicles. We have been using your software for almost a year...Thanks for your help.

Beacon Volunteer Ambulance

I bought your software for Beacon Volunteer Ambulance. We love the program...I and the ambulance committee are happy with your system. Your concern and excellent customer support is high.

Transportation Director, Iola School District – Iola, Texas

We just purchased your product for our school district, and so far your product meets our needs well...very user friendly. Thank You.

Kyle D.
Adams County Ambulance & EMS Fleet Coordinator - Quincy Illinois

Love the program

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

I am the Buyer for maintenance & operations of Pajaro Valley Unified School District. I also handle the scheduling of service for our fleet of vehicles. I tested you free version and it met our needs very well...Thank You.

J. Baker

I love the software and it helps me to keep up with the maintenance and repairs of my vehicles.

Jerry S.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question, I really like your program and I will be happy to tell others about it. You are welcome to use me as a happy user with comments on your website if you like.

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