FleetVIP Fleet Maintenance Software makes it easy to schedule and track:

  • Annual vehicle inspections
  • Registration renewals
  • Insurance renewals
  • Anything that occurs each year on the same date
  • Keeps a history of each completion date and vehicle
  • Automatically reminds you each year on the same date.

The screen image tour below shows you how it works.

(Click on each step to view next image.)

preventive maintenance software options


add a preventive maintenance scheduled task
preventive maintenance task description
fleet maintenance item list
scheduled preventive maintenance options

Click Calendar button and select first due date from this pop-up calendar.  Then the program automatically moves the due date ahead each year.

preventive maintenance annual due date

Click the Notes tab and then add your notes.

preventive maintenance task notes

Now FleetVIP will automatically remind you each year as your due date approaches!

preventive maintenance scheduled task

Still need the Free Demo? Here it is:  Click to Download