Importing data from another fleet maintenance application or a spreadsheet is often problematic because there may be missing data elements or incompatible data types.  We have addressed those concerns by allowing you to import basic vehicle data that you very likely already possess and can usually format in a spreadsheet and then use the Save As option of the spreadsheet to export that data to a CSV file which can be imported by FleetVIP.

The import process allows you to preview each record and simply click to save it to the FleetVIP database.  The same validation edits are applied when you click save just as if each record had been manually entered – just that the process goes much faster since you save all the data entry effort.

The process does not allow you to import the same record twice!  Duplicates are automatically flagged and rejected when you preview them. 

In addition, the Skip Duplicates check box speeds up the process even more by not even bothering you with previewing duplicates.  When that checkbox is checked, duplicates are skipped over to the next non-duplicate record!  You may not have any duplicates, but if you do, you have the option whether or not to preview them.  Also, if you import a file and accept some records but skip others for further research or data clean-up, you can re-import the same file and automatically skip over the ones you previously added by checking the Skip Duplicates box.  Then you can review and accept only those records you previously had set aside.

Once your data is imported, you can then move on to our Maintenance Schedule cloning feature which greatly reduces the time of setting up maintenance schedules.

The import feature is available in the Pro version.  Other versions can explore the process including the import setup screen and previewing of data records.

Below is a brief look at the actual process – click on each step to see the screenshot!