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Many customers conclude our software is the best solution for them because it offers a lower life cycle cost due to low license fees, short learning curve, ease of use and effective feature set.

You may be familiar with the Microsoft Office suite of products – Word, Excel, etc. MS-Office provides a huge and rich feature set but also what some consider a high price. Virtually nobody that uses Office actually uses all of the features. Most people use a very small subset of Office features. So in that sense, you might make the argument that Office is not a very good fit in many cases because it is overkill and users are paying for features they never use.

On the other hand, Google offers a suite of products called Google Apps with a lower price and a greatly reduced feature set but an excellent choice for some organizations. Google Apps has enjoyed rapidly increasing product acceptance.

So two very different approaches that are equally valid or equally wrong depending on your needs and how you weight various features such as having many features you may never use.

We address this problem of evaluating cost vs potentially expensive unneeded features by providing a free demo – so that you can determine if our software meets your specific needs.

(Of course, be sure to check out our page that explains how FleetVIP is different.)

The free download is free and tracks two vehicles. It does not stop working after 2 weeks or 30 days or some limited time period.

The free download is intended to let you evaluate FleetVIP to see if it meets your needs. Once you evaluate FleetVIP and determine that it meets your preventive maintenance management needs, then upgrade to a registered version in order to track multiple vehicles or equipment units.

FleetVIP delivers excellent value in fleet maintenance management software because FleetVIP is easier to install, it is easier to learn and there is no additional charge for advanced features like multi-user and network ready capabilities. The basic license fee is also less expensive than you will find elsewhere. So your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is lower.

According to David Thomas, executive director of the Software & Information Industry Association’s software division, ‘the trouble with software programs is that good ones often get overloaded with features demanded by “power users,” such as big corporations or vocal individuals.’

So be careful of higher priced software that may have features you will never use. And if you never use those extra marginal features, you will still have to contend with more complicated menus, more learning time for you and your staff, more calls for support and much higher software prices, resulting in a more expensive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

For current pricing on upgrade versions, check the Upgrade page.

Please notify us within 60 days of your purchase if you have not received your Activation Code.

If you notify us after 60 days, then please open a Tech Support ticket for assistance.


Double-check the mail box for the email address you used because your PayPal account may be using an old or different email address.

Check your screened mail folder for it.

Make sure your payment posted by checking your payment processor – either PayPal or your credit card account. In rare cases it takes several hours before a transaction is posted.

Check your PayPal email address for typographical errors.

In a word, NO. If you haven’t already asked that question, maybe you should.

It is easy to over-spend when deciding on fleet maintenance software.  FleetVIP gives you the option to manage your fleet maintenance at a lower price for software than competing software that cannot even give you actual maintenance due dates for many scheduled tasks.

So don’t assume you have to spend thousands more to get the job done.  In many cases, the high priced packages add more cost than actual value.  Analyze your needs, evaluate our free demo and then decide what works best for your organization.

FleetVIP can track fleet maintenance, vehicle maintenance, aircraft maintenance, marine maintenance, stationary equipment maintenance and building maintenance.

Anything you have in mind that needs to be scheduled and tracked in either:

  • Miles, kilometers or hours PLUS fixed calendar intervals whichever comes first.
  • Calendar intervals only.
  • Miles, kilometers or hours only.
  • As-Needed with no predetermined time or distance intervals.
  • Annual events recurring on the same date.
  • One-time events on a specific future date.
  • Unscheduled events saved for history.

Download the free version and evaluate it for the application you have in mind to find out exactly how it will meet your needs.

  1. Download FleetVIP from this website and install using the downloaded installer program.
  2. Preferably install in a shared folder accessible by your other users.
  3. If not originally installed in a shared folder, now copy the vip.tps file from the original single-user PC to the shared folder location and re-run the installation program.
  4. Read the Installation Notes topic under the Appendix in the online User Guide for further recommendations on network configuration.
  5. To access the online User Guide, launch FleetVIP and click the Help menu and select User Guide.

We recommend installing the free demo version on your network to verify compatibility with your network configuration and your network security policies.

If you have questions or problems troubleshooting your network, it is usually best to have a network tech available that can resolve those issues.  Therefore, we recommend that multi-user installations be performed with the assistance of a network support professional.

And consider these file sharing articles from Microsoft: File Sharing Articles

You can also use the Windows Troubleshooting application located in the Windows Control Panel to help troubleshoot your network.

Yes. This is a standard feature with FleetVIP! Depending on the version, the license agreement allows up to 3 concurrent users on a shared server or folder.

Once you download FleetVIP, read the installation notes in the online help Appendix for recommendations on network configuration.

Fleet Vehicle Informatics Program

Yes. The PRO version supports export of data to a spreadsheet-compatible CSV file.

You can then import the CSV file.

Yes, FleetVIP is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10.

Two key things to look for regarding Windows compatibility are whether the software requires administrator access for regular users and whether the online Help system works with Windows.

Our Help system works with Windows. Some others don’t.

As with most software installations, if you have User Account Control turned on, you need to click ‘OK’ in order to allow administrator access for the installation to proceed.

Once installed, FleetVIP does not need administrator access to run. Some other programs require regular users to always have administrator access which can be a security risk.

Yes, and highly recommended that you use a cloud backup option for FleetVIP and all of your important folders.

Simply access the FleetVIP backup screen from the File menu and select the backup folder as your Documents folder or a documents sub-folder.

Most services automatically backup your documents folder but verify your backup service backs up your documents folder.

We also have a 2 minute screencast on how to do this on our Demo Videos page.

Download it, run the installation package and then launch the program.

FleetVIP will immediately guide you through adding your first vehicle and scheduled tasks of your choice.

Once you’ve added the tasks you want to track, then post the most recent completion dates and FleetVIP immediately forecasts the next due dates and mileage markers while retaining the service history you just posted.

The online User’s Guide explains each screen and menu option in the program.

Simply click the Help button or press the F1 key anywhere in the program.

If you are planning a multi-user installation, we recommend you utilize the free demo to perform a multi-user demo installation.

We believe it is important for you to try our software without obligation.  We also believe you should not have to spend money first to try anyone’s software and then have to try and get it back later if your trial does not meet your needs.

So we do not require any money up front.  And we do not lock you in to a 30-day trial period.

Instead, we make available to you a free download version of our software you may use without cost or time limit so you can verify that it meets your needs.

However, once you have purchased a license for a registered copy of our software, we cannot offer a refund.

You can easily remove FleetVIP from your computer by using the Programs and Features app in Windows Control Panel.

Or in Windows 10 also under Apps in Settings.

Yes and no.

It is technically possible to install FleetVIP on a USB flash drive and run it from that USB drive.  The USB drive can typically be transferred to another computer if data portability is desired.

But since flash drives are quite small, they are easily lost.

Also, the data is easily corrupted by removing the flash drive at the wrong time.  Make sure to exit the FleetVIP application before removing the USB drive.

Due to the potential problems involved, it is not recommended to run FleetVIP from a USB flash drive.

Always be sure to backup your FleetVIP database.  We have posted on the demo video page how to use cloud backup with FleetVIP.

Yes, once you do a one-time setup as follows:

Run wupdate.exe located in your FleetVIP installation folder and check the box for proxy server.

Then enter your proxy server settings.

Make sure your firewall allows wupdate.exe.

Visit our Support page for a video tutorial and instructions on how to transfer to a new computer or restore from your database backup file.

If you prefer personal assistance, you can also open a Tech Support Ticket from our Support page.

Use your Owner’s Manual and FleetVIP to set up and track your maintenance schedule

Find the maintenance schedule that came with the vehicles you need to track. This is usually in the Owner’s Manual. Or look for it online at the manufacturer’s website. Or get a copy from the dealer.

Now setup a scheduled maintenance program in FleetVIP using the manufacturer’s required maintenance specifications. Often there are a number of Owner Checks and Services and Periodic Inspections in addition to Scheduled Maintenance. These should all be posted in FleetVIP. Doing so will put you in the driver’s seat!

It is important to do this homework because some car dealers and repair shops recommend ‘packages’ at certain mileage intervals that include extra-cost items not actually needed to maintain your vehicle or warranty. The optional, extra-cost items can easily add hundreds of dollars to your visit! And sometimes work that is required is not mentioned. And the mileage intervals of these dealer packages may be more frequent than the manufacturer requires. So you could end up doing unneeded work and not doing required work. The worst of both worlds – higher costs while possibly voiding your warranty.

That is why you need to be in charge and informed! According to the AAA Auto Club, “Much of this confusion and neglect can be attributed to a lack of specific knowledge about what the car manufacturer recommends in the service schedule included in the owner’s manual. To make matters worse, some service shops have their own set of service guidelines that call for more frequent service than is recommended by the manufacturer. So, what’s a car owner to do? Following the service recommendations in the owner’s manual is best…”

Example: I recently received a service reminder in the mail from a reputable, trustworthy independent shop I use advising that my car is due for its 50,000 mile service and that the automatic transaxle fluid and automatic transaxle filter needed to be replaced. But my car did not need a 50,000 mile service since it is closer to 40,000 miles. And the manufacturer does not recommend the fluid and filter change unless I use my car as a taxi or do frequent trailer towing. So I did not need to do these items.

Plus, the manufacturer’s required maintenance at 5 years (or 150,000 miles) does require a coolant flush and no mention of this was made on the service reminder card! So I easily could have paid for unnecessary work while overlooking required work.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take charge with FleetVIP. That’s why I developed the program.

Another Example: I received a GM Goodwrench service reminder in the mail from a General Motors dealer advising that my vehicle was due for its regularly scheduled maintenance visit which was described as the ’48000 Mile Service’. However, there is no ’48000 Mile Service’ required by General Motors or by Mr. Goodwrench or by anybody! In fact, there is nothing, nada, zilch required at 48,000 miles. Yet this dealer would have me believe that this ’48000 Mile Service’ was required by Mr. Goodwrench when in reality it was not. These are just a couple of examples of why I wrote FleetVIP and why you should use it.

According to AAA auto club: “One of the most beneficial things you can do to extend the life of your vehicle is change the oil regularly.

But, regularly does not mean “frequently.” The old rule of thumb of changing the oil every 3,000 miles may not apply to today’s advanced engines. Technologically improved lubricants are capable of lasting longer while still doing a good job of protecting your engine.

Under normal driving conditions, the oil-change schedule can be extended to 7,500 miles, and several luxury imports can go as high as 20,000 miles. The trick to determining the best oil-change schedule for your vehicle is understanding what kind of driving you do. Severe conditions may require you to change oil more frequently.

Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s definition of different types of driving conditions and the recommended schedule and type of oil for each condition.” Here is a Q&A from General Motors on their Oil Life System (OLS) which extends oil changes up to 12,000 miles in a best-case situation.

As you can see, when it comes to preventive maintenance, there is a lot of room for confusion and for ineffective use of your time and money. (But you probably knew that.)

So why not have FleetVIP give you an automatic oil change reminder based on your specific vehicle use? With FleetVIP tracking your maintenance requirements, you will be much better informed and better able to discuss with your service advisor at the repair shop what is required and what is optional. And you can readily verify that all work required to maintain your warranty is performed when it should be.

Obviously, there may be some tasks not required by the manufacturer that you decide to have done. With FleetVIP on your side, if you decide some optional work is a good idea, you will be clear in your mind that it IS optional. And if you agree to do some optional work, that will be an informed choice rather than a misunderstanding about what is actually required by the manufacturer.

Bottom line – FleetVIP is quicker, easier, more flexible, and more secure than using automotive websites.

Using such websites to track maintenance can be risky and annoying for several reasons:

  • Free websites come and go.  Would you want your maintenance database to just vanish overnight in the Internet cloud?  Of course not.
  • Automotive service reminder websites can lose your data.  This happened to me several years ago when using a major manufacturers website.  They modified their website and permanently lost all the info I had entered.  This doesn’t have to happen to you.  Because FleetVIP stores your data on your own computer, you are not subject to website malfunctions.  And FleetVIP has built-in data backup capability for protection you can’t get on a freebie website.
  • ‘Free’ websites are offered for marketing reasons, so you will have to contend with advertising and possibly unwanted email arising from your use of a ‘free’ site.
  • Service reminder websites are very limited and may only track a few scheduled maintenance tasks or may be specifically designed for just one brand of vehicle.
  • Automotive websites can be very slow plus the internet connection can be slow.
  • Websites have to remind users via email.  If you change your email address without telling them, you miss the reminders.  Likewise, if your spam filter deletes the reminder emails.
  • Unlike those freebie websites, FleetVIP does not even require that you connect to the internet.