• If you want to install FleetVIP on a single PC, follow these steps.  
  • To install for a network or multi-user installation, the steps are almost identical except you need to install into a shared folder.  Click here for more info regarding network installations.
  • Click the download button anywhere it appears on our website.  It may take a few seconds for anything to happen.
  • This step can be tricky because it depends on the behavior of your web browser.  Look for a message somewhere on your screen that says Save or Run or only shows the file name setupav.exe.   Sometimes this message is easy to see, sometimes somewhat hidden in a message bar at the top or bottom of your screen depending on your browser.
  • Click the tab below that corresponds to your browser.  (Sorry if yours is not included.)

Usually in lower left side of screen

Chrome browser – This is usually in the lower left side of screen. Click once on setupav.exe.


Internet Explorer – This usually appears at bottom of screen.  Click once on Run.


Click once on Save then navigate to your Downloads folder and double click on setupav.exe.

Microsoft Edge browser – Usually appears at bottom of screen.  Click once on Run.

  • If you only have a Save option, then click Save and remember the file name.  Then navigate to where you saved the file (usually in the Downloads folder) and double-click on setupav.exe.
  • TIP – If you are trying to find where the downloaded file went, open the Downloads option in your web browser and double-click on the file name setupav.exe from there.
  • Next – Click YES on the message window that states Alembx Solutions LLC is the verified publisher.
  • Now the Setup Wizard appears asking if you want to proceed. Click Next.
  • Destination Folder option appears – again just click Next for a single PC.  If you are doing a network install, select a folder that is shared and accessible to the other users.  Then click Next.
  • License Agreement appears.  If you agree with the terms, click ‘I Accept The Terms…’ and then click Next.
  • Ready to Install appears with the Current Settings. Click Next.
  • Setup Wizard Complete appears. Check the box to Run Now then click Finish.
  • You have completed the process!