• If you want to install FleetVIP on a single PC, follow these steps.  
  • To install for a network or multi-user installation, the steps are almost identical except you need to install into a shared folder.  Click here for more info regarding network installations.
  • Click the download button anywhere it appears on our website.  It may take a few seconds for anything to happen.
  • This step can be tricky because it depends on the behavior of your web browser.  Look for a message somewhere on your screen that says Save or Run or only shows the file name setupav.exe.  
  • Sometimes this message is easy to see, sometimes somewhat hidden in a message bar at the top or bottom of your screen depending on your browser.  See examples below.

Click below on the browser you are using

click on setupav.exe

The download indicator above the hand pointer usually appears in lower left side of screen.

Click once on setupav.exe.


Internet Explorer – This usually appears at bottom of screen.  Click once on Run.


Click once on Save then navigate to your Downloads folder and double click on setupav.exe.



Microsoft Edge browser – Usually appears at bottom of screen.  Click once on Run.

  • If you only have a Save option, then click Save and remember the file name.  Then navigate to where you saved the file (usually in the Downloads folder) and double-click on setupav.exe.
  • TIP – If you are trying to find where the downloaded file went, open the Downloads option in your web browser and double-click on the file name setupav.exe from there.
  • Next – Click YES on the message window that states Alembx Solutions LLC is the verified publisher.
  • Now the Setup Wizard appears asking if you want to proceed. Click Next.
  • Destination Folder option appears – again just click Next for a single PC.  If you are doing a network install, select a folder that is shared and accessible to the other users.  Then click Next.
  • License Agreement appears.  If you agree with the terms, click ‘I Accept The Terms…’ and then click Next.
  • Ready to Install appears with the Current Settings. Click Next.
  • Setup Wizard Complete appears. Check the box to Run Now then click Finish.
  • You have completed the process!