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Our Q & A and Support pages answer most questions we receive.

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Where is my activation code?

Activation codes are automatically emailed out within minutes of receiving payment.

Please notify us within 60 days of your purchase if you have not received your Activation Code. If you notify us after 60 days, then please open a Tech Support ticket for assistance.

1-2% of our clients do not receive their activation code for the following reason:

If you use an email address for your business with the business name after the @ symbol in the email address, your email server spam filters blocked the activation code that was emailed to you. This scenario accounts for almost all missing activation code problems.

Solution:  Simply email us using the form below and include an alternate email address that has a different domain name after the @ symbol.

Also include your phone number and PayPal receipt number or transaction ID and we can resend your code which usually resolves the problem.

If you do not hear from us, it is because you or your email administrator has blocked our emails to you. We are not ignoring you. But you must unblock our emails or provide an alternate email address that works.


Double-check the mail box for the email address you used because your PayPal account may be using an old or different email address.

Check your screened mail folder for it.

Make sure your payment posted by checking your payment processor – either PayPal or your credit card account. In rare cases it takes several hours before a transaction is posted.

Check your PayPal email address for typographical errors.


My hard drive crashed or I got a new computer.

Please visit our support page for instructions and a video on how to restore or transfer your FleetVIP database.

If you prefer additional assistance, you can also open a tech support ticket from that same page.

I lost my activation code.

Once you have received your activation code and activated your FleetVIP database, you do not need your activation code if your hard drive crashes or if you get a new computer.

Our Tech Support page explains how to restore your database from your backup and how to transfer to a new computer.

That way you do not lose any of your maintenance history. Our Support web page even includes a video on how to restore your database.

However, we are also glad to re-send your activation code to the same email address you used when you registered if you notify us within 60 days of purchasing a license.  After 60 days, please purchase a Tech Support ticket and we may be able to locate and resend your activation code as a last resort.