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  • Use this free version of FleetVIP as long as you like.  No 30-day time limit!
  • This download is digitally sealed and protected using code signing technology.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows current desktop systems. 
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  • Upgrade at anytime for more features or to track more vehicles.

Over 80,000 downloaded since 2006!

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If you evaluate the free demo and decide FleetVIP is not for you, simply uninstall from Windows Control Panel under Programs and Features for Windows 7 or from Settings under Apps and Features for Windows 8 and 10.

Or go to the FleetVIP program installation folder and double-click on Uninst_FleetVIP.exe.

We make it simple to uninstall our software and we tell you how up front!

Many software creators and distributors bundle their installers and updaters with potentially unwanted programs, or PUPs, which can include adware, dubious PC utilities, browser toolbars and browser hijackers, the last of which change browser homepages and search engines without the user’s permission.

We don’t do that. We only include FleetVIP software components in the download on this page and website.

For more information about PUPs and how to easily remove them, see this article:

12 Downloads that Sneak Unwanted Software into Your PC

FleetVIP fleet maintenance software is code-signed. Only trust software that is because when software is code-signed, you can easily verify who the publisher is and that the software has not been modified or corrupted by an unauthorized 3rd party.

In technical terms, Code signing is the process of digitally signing executables (.exe files) and scripts to confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed by use of a cryptographic hash.


Unsigned Software Warning

Unsigned Software Warning

Code Signed FleetVIP Fleet Maintenance Software

Code Signed FleetVIP Fleet Maintenance Software

See this Wikipedia article on code-signing for more details.

The 1-minute video below from Comodo offers a quick explanation of code signing.

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